Using two blur modules but only one shows

I have Harmony 12.1 and for some reason when I try to use the motion blur and the radial blur, only one shows.

The one not showing up is the radial blur, and it doesn’t show up when the motion blur is in front of it. But when I put the radial in front of the motion then the other doesn’t show up.

Try lowering the blur value for the one that is not showing-up.
Other than that, provide more information. Which is the one that’s
not showing-up to start with.

Please show a screenshot of the setup.

Also is the 2nd blur just not being applied?
Are both blurs being applied to the same

I can’t add a photo for some reason but both blurs are being used on the same group but used at different times.

To post a screen shot you have to set up an external hosting location then post the link.

What level of Harmony are you using (i.e. Essentials, Advanced, Premium)?

Also, are you saying that you have two types of blur animated over time so that they each are supposed to intensify at different intervals?

I have no idea how to do the external hosting location thing.
I have Harmony Premium.
Ex. of what’s happening, The motion blur is happening between frames 100-150 and then the radial blur is happening 152-165

Just open a free account with something like photobucket upload images then copy and paste the link they generate for posting in forums.

Without seeing what you have done it is only going to be a guess.

You can do what you are wanting but you must have set it up wrong.

I’ll guess the Timeline contains the source but I need to see it.

I am sorry. Maybe photobucket was a bad recommendation. They seem to have changed the rules and want you to pay for the ability to display images hosted there now. I could not see the images. There is just a message saying to go to their website and upgrade to add that function. I could be misunderstanding their point but I could not see your images, regardless.

I figured it out. I put the motion blur and connected it to the radial blur and now it works.