Using Toon Boom Studio to create an online comic

So far this tutorial lacks any supporting graphics, but I’ll work those up and add them in if people show an interest in the topic. At any rate, it was helpful to me to nail down my process.

The article was very interesting to read. Lots of tips buried in there for sure. Some screen shots would be helpful when you get time. My first question is a terminology one. You use the term “frame” in your article. But I think you are not talking about a TBS frame as much as a comic strip “panel” or “pane”. Do you compose your strip in a single TBS frame just using multiple elements or are you actually using more than one TBS frame per scene? This is confusing to me because if you are using multiple frames per scene then it would seem that you would have a compositing step after export from TBS to put the strip together. I have been assuming that you only use one frame per scene and therefore just export that frame as a single graphic image as your finished strip with multiple cartoon panels. I hope my question makes sense to you. -JK

I knew I’d be creating a teeny bit of confusion by using “frame” so casually without explaining myself. This is where a thesaurus (the book, not the dinosaur) comes in handy.

I’ve been using a single frame in the timeline for each page. I should have used the term “pane” or “panel” as you suggest. I think I’ll go change that.

I think for graphics I’ll do some shots of the timeline and camera view along the way. Other suggestions are welcome.

I look forward to seeing and hearing more. And I promise not to be such a “pain” in the neck about terminology. ;D Seriously, this is very interesting and certainly a different approach to using the tool. The podcasting angle is also very novel in its concept. Keep 'em coming.-JK

I dig it Rob,

Very informative, & the screenshots ( i gues weren’t there yesterday) definitely help. I’m certainly interested in seeing more. One question for you, do you concentrate on making one very good strip per week? or do you try to crank out a handful a week & publish the best?

I read an atricle which of course I cant find now, but it was by Chris Brown, son of Dick Brown, creator of Hagar the Horrible. Anyway, Chris said that for a week of strips (6 days @ 3 panels + big Sunday strip) he does 6 strips a day, ending up with 36 over six days. Then he takes the best of these & works it into a Sunday strip, & takes the remaining best 6 strips and uses those to fill out mon-sat.

It seems like a good idea, but I suppose unless it’s your full time job it has to be hard to find that much time. Then again, taking the time may help make it your full time job… who knows. Just curious about your approach.

Looking forward to more,

JK, I was about to protest that you were a help, not a pain, but then I realized you were making a pun. ;D

Pat, I’d love to have that kind of time. I’ve got an overall story I’m working out and plan each piece to fit into it. I’m trying to get ahead of myself by a few weeks so I can get some animation done. Time flies! So I don’t really have any extra strips laying around.

I saw a friend last night who got my postcard in the mail. Tactfully he let me know he “didn’t get it.” It was a great conversatin that inspired a blog entry that was lots of fun.

true true, I can only imagine that’s possible when it’s your full time job.
I just was wondering if you were working on specific weeks or tring to get a ton cranked out & work with the ones you like best.

He never does say what he does with the ones he doesn’t use. I wonder if they are held in reserve for “sick” days & vacations…

I’m looking forward to getting my postcard as well, & I’m glad you went with week three, it’s my favorite so far.