Using Toon Boom Content in Flash CS6


Sorry if this has been covered in another post; I could not find it.

Basically, I want to begin learning Flash CS6 Professional and have downloaded the trial version; however, I would prefer to use drawings, templates, etc. that I have already created in Toon Boom. I like Toon Boom
and want to continue doing my artwork/animation there; but I need to learn how to develop content in Flash to create interactive animations for e-learning programs.

I did take a brief course on CS3 several years ago, and I seem to remember being able to bring in a Toon Boom character I had created. I do not remember how the instructor showed me how to do it though.

Is there anyone here who works with both softwares and can tell me how to do this? I have a manual called Flash CS5 the Missing Manual, but it does not seem to cover importing content from anything other than content from Adobe products and/or bitmaps, photos, videos, etc. When I try to import Toon Boom drawings or templates, I get error messages in Flash. Flash is very expensive, and I would rather not purchase it if I have to recreate artwork in another program like Illustrator or Flash itself. I am used to Toon Boom and like the way it works.

Also, can artwork be scanned and vectorized into Flash the same way it can be in Toon Boom? I know this isn’t a Flash forum, but there have to be experts on both software using this.

Any advice would be appreciated!