Using Tone/Highlight with cutouts

So I have been playing with tone and highlight and I love them.

However I don’t really what is the best way to implement with a cutout.

I toyed around with a composite for tone, composite for character, composite for highlight but I soon realised this would limit some of the animation heirarchies.

So I am thinking about grouping
Head / HeadhighlightMatte / ToneHighlightMatte / Tone effect / Highlight effect
and then making the cutout from all these groups. I have quickly realised although it adds a touch of class it is going to be quite hard to implement (since you often want the matte to move with the character).

Each part, arm, leg, hand etc… inside it’s own symbol with it’s own matte makes the most sense to me. Or just paint the tone into the art instead of using the fx tone… not as flexible since you don’t get the nice blur but certainly workable.

Or put each cut out piece into a peg layer and then maybe group everything in that peg layer so your nodes look tidy which is what it seems you are already thinking about.

The big downside to that method if you have clean over the joints. I haven’t put much time considering how big this issue would be Obviously different character to character.

So I have have another option. Duplicate the character twice, delete all the layers and make new drawings for tone/higher on these then group all 3 together in a group. I actually think that much be the most flexible option and also probably have the least overhead (since you only use 1 tone and 1 highlight effect). Will just look messy in network view and harder to change.

This actually might be a plus for symbols :slight_smile:

I am still trying to figure if i am going to use the group method or if i should use the symbol method.

If you’re using Animate Pro another thing to think about is you could use the Overlay and Underlay layers to do tones and highlights. For example, paint the highlight with an arbitrary colour into the overlay layer. Then use a module to filter out the overlay layer and use this for the matte for your highlight, applied to the layer without the overlay layer.

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