Using the tween function for specific points??

I know that you can use the tweening function for things like an entire shape, say a ball. Using the keyframe and then the rotation tool to move it (adding another keyframe to the new position) or perhaps the transform or scale tool. But what I’d like to know is if you can use the CONTOUR TOOL and manipulate just one or two of the points of the shape creating movement in just those points?

An example would be a thought bubble (that doesn’t move) with protruding arrow shape (indicating who’s speaking) attached to it that retracts and protrudes slightly but doesn’t affect the rest of the shape.

I know I can copy it and make small adjustments to the arrow shape then paste it in the next frame, but I’d love to have the smoothness generated in tweening for this effect. Is this possible? Can you use the contour tool in this capacity? And if not is there another way to manipulate individual points generated by the pen tool in animation??

The functionality you are wanting (shape tweening or morphing) is not available in Toon Boom Studio. -JK

Shape tweening might not possible, but for the speech bubble example, being smart with your layers would do the trick:

This example is just pegs and held drawing elements…