Using the trial...

I have some animations in mine but I want to know if I make a animation that is going to be quite the project…will it be there when I buy it for a year? I mean it’s gonna be a long animation and I have 18 days to use it for free then after that, it’ll expire until I buy it. So I need to know will it save my work and let me open it up when I buy it?

No, the files created with a trial version are not transferable to a purchased license.

I thought you could use the trial files in the full purchased version. Toon boom no longer provide PLE versions of the software, only trial licenses for the full versions.
Best if support confirm this.


If you are talking about Harmony (Essential, Advanced or Premium) and Storyboard pro 5 and higher, then you need to know that trials versions are exactly the same as paid version.
You can totally create files in the trial version and then use those with a paid license.