Using the dropper on colors with transparency

I recently upgraded to Animate Pro 3 from Animate 2 and I’m noticing a problem that didn’t exist with Animate 2. The color dropper isn’t pulling up a color unless it’s opaque in the alpha channel. If I pull the transparency up to 255, the dropper tool will work. When I pull it back to the semi-transparency I want to keep it at, it doesn’t work.

Works perfectly here (Animate Pro 3 Version 10.5.1)
Alpha set to any value… Either Solid or Gradient…

That’s the version I have, only if the alpha slider is dropped below 255 on a color, when I try to use the dropper tool on that color, the color wheel and the current color box at the bottom right of the drawing view will say ‘NoColor’ and displays the defaulted red color that shows when a painted zone’s color is missing from the palette. It’s driving me insane, because I have no idea how to troubleshoot this.

Quit Animate / delete the Preference Files / restart Animate…

Otherwise, contact the Toon Boom Team:

Thanks for the suggestion. I renamed the preference folder, forcing a new folder to be created on restart, but the problem still remained.