Using the Apply To Multiple Drawings button in the tools proprties window

Can anyone tell me how to use the Apply To Multiple Drawings feature in the Tool Properties panel? Everything I try still only edits the drawing for the frame I have selected.


You need to have all the frames on the timeline and have onion skin turned on for that range.

Note that you cannot use that feature for all tools. You can use it for any tool in which you select an area, like painting, repaing, unpainting, create colour art from line art, etc. You can also use the shortcut alt+A with the select tool enabled (“Apply All Drawings” will appear on the bottom of the Camera or Drawing view. What edits are you trying to apply to all drawings?

Flip Horizontal.

You have to use the Reposition All Drawings tool instead. It’s under the Select tool. With that tool you can change position/scale/skew/rotation on all drawings at the drawing level similarly to what you can do with the Transform tool, with Animation off, on the keyframe level (not changing the actual drawings).