Using TBS for comics

I recently made a decision to focus my artistic effort more toward comics to get a more regularly updated bit of content on my site. I’m expecting a surge in traffic in a month or so as a result of a profile in Friction Zone, a free motorcycle magazine, and I wanted to have something to keep my audience interested while I work on my animations.

My first week’s effort was done in Flash with backgroud in Photoshop, but I really prefer drawing in Toon Boom, so for week 2 I worked in Toon Boom. For week three, I’ve done more of the same, and I’m refining my process. As great a tool as TBS is for animation, it’s pretty good for comic and illustration as well. Seems like we had a few members on the forum a couple of years ago who professed using TBS for illustration as well.

I was sort of thinking about writing up a little how-to on the process, thought I’d see if there was interest.

I’ll be getting back into the animation once I’m a month or so ahead of myself with the comic–maybe a few weeks from now.

I’m definitely interested. I’ve had half a mind to make a strip as well, but haven’t followed through. I’d like to see the approach you take using TBS

I absolutely love the work you have done so far on your comic. I have never tried to use TBS for static art beyond storyboards and animatics but it would seem that all the compositing and staging and camera aspects would really be useful and I totally agree that it is a great drawing environment. Thanks for sharing and please continue to update us. You are such a great trailblazer first in Podcasts and now in Webcomics. -JK

Thanks for the encouragement! I’m having a great time doing the work in between things and in the wee hours.

JK, I’ve gotten the shell you sent me more or less worked out. I’ll be adding a new strip each week, and I may drop a little advertising for my store into the end “pages” of the comic. I suspect I’ll also be making some postcards from some of the frames. Let me know if you want to get on the mailing list.

The shell is on my Comix Page