Using TBS and Flash

You might think that I sound crazy trying to use this method, but I have my reasons. I am currently working on an animated short, nothing too fancy, and I’m having issues using TBS. The main reason of this is because TBS runs extremely slow on the computer it’s installed on, by slow I mean I will draw a line and have to wait ten seconds for it to appear. So I want to do my snimating in Flash Pro 8, lipsyninc using TBS, and render/film in TBS. What would be the best approach, I like the camera idea in TBS, but I’m not sure how well it will work if everything’s been animated in Flash. And I want to render in TBS because I want it rendered in TV quality, and I haven’t found a way in flash to do so. What do you all think would be the best approach to this delima?

also, does anyone know if TBS has a ‘paint fills’ option?


I wrote an answer in your previous post about importing so please check that out. As to your issue with TBS lagging when you draw. Go to Edit>Preferences and on the Display tab change your Render setting from what ever it currently is to the other choice. IE if its Open GL switch to Direct 3D and vise versa if its Direct 3D change it to Open GL. Also uncheck the box for Open GL Full Scene Anti Aliasing. Then close and restart TBS. Your drawing situation should be enhanced. If you still want to draw in Flash and import to TBS the best method is to draw in Flash but don’t do anything else. Import your drawn work into TBS and do all keyframing tweening and camera moves inside TBS. -JK

Yes, I realized that you replied to my last post, and I appriectae that. So What’s the difference between Direct 3D and Open GL…

Thanks for the responses.

I’ll go try that now…

Switching from Open GL to Direct 3D did wonders, I don’t think I need Flash anymore!

That’s why we have a user’s community for TBS. We all help each other out with using the software, so welcome. -JK

So what is the difference between Direct 3D and Open GL because after I switched, the character I had created Became a little bit pixelated, How would I fix that