Using skewing for forward walk

I have noticed that the walk, from the front view the thigh and to a greater extent the shin seem to shrink as their angle from the viewer leave straright up and down. If that makes any sense. Anyway, I was trying to duplicate this effect on a forward walk by scaling the thigh and shin and raising the foot up accordingly. On a typical thigh, shin, foot segment; when I scale the thigh the children scale the same amount. Is there any way to scale a parent and not its’ children? Also the blue pivot dots on the transform items sometimes start floating around when you scale a parent or child. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Thanks


To do that you would need to break you rig apart so there are no hierarchy in between the element. So basically, each part of you legs should be on the same level in the hierarchy. From there, whenever you want to move the elements all together first select the element you want to rotate around then shift+click on the rest of the element you want to add to this selection. Then by using the transform tool you will be able to apply a movement to all the subparts of that body part. This method will allow you to modify scale separately on your elements which won’t apply it to all the subparts.

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