Using Renderman

Hi guys,

I am having an issue about the noncommercial renderman 20.9. It’s not supported with harmony for maya batch rendering and i think may be the version is one of the issue. The main thing is can’t degrade the version of noncommercial renderman. That’s only applicable for licenced version. :frowning:

Please anybody share how to solve this?


Did you try this:

Where specifically is it failing?
Please provide details…

Hello rkriz,

Yes, I was set the renderer path, and also tried put the renderer name on attribute field. Nothing happened.

Here I share the message log screenshot. Please find the link below.


I don’t think the path for renderman is set because it’s still using the Maya path in the log.
If you’re stuck contact to have a look on your system.
The forum may not be the most efficient way to resolve this.

Thanks rkriz.

  1. I got the solution for this issue from toon boom customer support desk. That .mb file have some renderer setting error.

  2. Now I decide to update the version of maya from 2016 to 2017. It’s affect anything? because the 3D renderer path window should have the path hint above the text field mentioned that in maya 2016.