Using Reference Images?

Hello :slight_smile: How are you all?

I have a simple qestion about using reference images when drawing. Do i add a new Image Element? I have tried that but then i cant use the drawing tools. Or do i use the Import And Vectorize Image into a drawing? I have also tried that and it works, exept when its finished i cant seem to remove the image and just keep the one i painted.

Can anyone please tell me how to go about doing this correctly? I knew how to do this before, but thats months ago and i have had a long brake :-[ It was something about making the image Transparent, but i cant even find that link :-[

Thank you so much in advance ;D

You might want to try using multiple elements for doing your drawing work-ups. Several “scratch” elements can be very useful to assist in the various steps to reaching final finished drawings. Then delete or hide the “scratch” elements when you no longer need them. I typically use as many as 4 or 5 scratch elements when I animate. Put your reference image on the bottom element and then draw on the scratch elements that are above the reference. In general drawing is a step by step process of refinements and using multiple scratch element layers is a great help. -JK

Ok, thank you very much for the tip, as well as the replay :wink: I managed to figure out myself that i just needed to delete the image when i have finished drawing the outline for it :smiley: