Using Perspective Tool on Text

Hi. I’m trying to put a sign on a wall in one of my background scenes, but
can’t get the text within the sign to change perspective along with the sign itself. I created a rectangle, typed the sign’s message inside it with the text tool, grouped the rectangle and message (i.e. text box) and then applied the perspective tool. I can change the rectangle’s perspective but the text inside doesn’t change along with it. Tried the perspective tool on the text box itself as well, but that doesn’t work either. Tried separating the text first too, but again, no luck. How do you do this? Couldn’t find it in the manual. Scanned the forums for a similar topic but couldn’t find one so made a new post.

Thanks in advance.


Please have a look here:;action=display;threadid=3406;start=msg14012#msg14012


Aha, I see! Thanks. So the answer is very simple. You have to “break text apart” not once, but twice. Who would have thought?

Appreciate the quick and helpful reply.