Using or creating a custom storyboard template

Hi there. I was sent a blank storyboard page by my employer for a job I’m working on. The output is to be in this format, but I’ve never set up a template before, and the instructions to do so have left me a little fuzzy. (for one thing, I keep getting a ToonBoom template instead of this one that I’ve imported) I am wondering if I have to measure everything from the left/right/top/bottom of the page and hope for the best, or is there a way to import a jpeg sample and work from that?

I’ve included a sample of the blank storyboard page for reference.

Any advice would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

Assuming that you want to make a template for PDF output, select to export to PDF first. Next in the PDF Export window, select the “3 Panel Horizontal” profile and hit the “Duplicate Profile” button to make a new profile. Now select the copy and hit the “Edit Profile” button.

Go to the “Panels” tab and make sure the number of rows is set to 1 and the number of columns is set to 2. Rename your copied profile on the “General” tab. Go back to the “Panels” tab and check/uncheck options to make the result look closer to your example. Header and footer images are added on the header and footer tabs.