using new 2018 Mac Mini with Harmony 16

Will I run into any lag issue or other problems using Harmony 16 on the Apple Mac Mini 2018 with 3.2GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz, with Intel UHD Graphics 630 card, or do I need a Mac with better GPU and or discreet GPU?

You will likely be able to work on simple projects but you will be
limited by your GPU. It’s always better to have a dedicated GPU
with sufficient resources.

I had a feeling that might be the case. Thank you very much for the info and quick reply.

I believe they have a trial version of Harmony 16 that you can download. Why not just download it and see how it runs yourself? Let us know if you do and tell us how it goes.

I’ve heard a lot about how the new Mac Mini 2018’s are pretty powerful if you combine it with an egpu, so that might be another option if your stock mac mini can’t run it.

Downloading the trial software is easy but trialing a Mac Mini running Harmony before purchasing one is not.

What do you plan to do with Harmony? Would this be Premium? Are you planning on having dual displays?

You would be able to run the software as the Mac Mini has everything required. The potential threshold is not reached unless you push it to the limits. You would want to have a robust project and to fully exercise the creation tools and plug-ins.

You could cover a lot of ground if you knew someone using Harmony who would let you use such a project file and if they could push it to the limits for you instead of you starting from scratch while you are unfamiliar with the software.