Using multiple camera views in cartoon

im very new to Toonboom.

I have a scene working perfectly. but i want to cut away and get a close up shot of the person talking (instantly)
i have added a second camera and postioned it where i want it.

is it possible to cut to the second camera at a certain time in teh scene?

Please see this thread for information regarding cameras and shots. There are links to articles and videos which should answer all of your questons.

In a nutshell, you do not need more than one camera to change shots as you’ve described. As a matter of fact, TBS can only output your scene(s) using just one camera. Any additional cameras you create are simply to allow you to try out different shots before changing your primary camera’s shots. In other words, no, it’s not possible to cut to a second camera in the scene . . . you need to put your camera on a peg and change its position/pan/zoom using keyframes and constant/non-constant segments between the keyframes.