Using Mouse mode

In almost every software, I use my Wacom Intuos tablet in mouse mode. That is the mode that, like your regular mouse, can be picked up and moved and the cursor stays at the last point. You can then continue on. To me, this works better as a sketch artist than having each point on the tablet mapped to a point on the screen.
The problem is that it does not seem to work in V3.5. When in mouse mode, the drawing and the cursor do not align. Sometimes it might line up on the first line but the when the cursor is moved to a new location, the alignment is lost.

I also use dual monitors but have tried single monitor and all variations just in case it is a display problem. Is there a solution for this or will I just have to settle for using the “Pen mode”? The biggest problem here is that it makes the drawing window such a small part of the tablet that accuracy is absolutely shot.

Thanks loads.


Toon Boom Studio has been natively made to work in Pen mode. Although we are aware of the problem with mouse mode and consider solving it for future versions. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause you.

By the way, if the surface of the tablet is an inconvenience for your remember that you can always change the settings of the tablet so it fits a certain area of the screen using the driver interface. The other thing you could do is working in full screen mode whenever drawing (Cntrl+F).

Hope this will help you out working while we fix the problem.

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