Using maya and Arnold toon shader with 3D rendering integration


I’m looking into working with Harmony’s 3D integration for an upcoming project. I’ve managed to get it set up to render using Arnold with Maya in Harmony. I’m using Arnold’s toon shader and most of the shader information is rendering correctly except for the contour line. When rendering directly from maya the renders come out correctly with the line so I assume it’s not a problem on the Maya/Arnold side, it’s just when rendering through harmony do we lose the line.

Has anyone else experienced this or know if Harmony supports rendering with Ai toon shader?
Alternative would be to export the animated fbx/alembic information from Harmony and rendering directly through Maya. Would fbx/alembic exports from harmony be a possibility?


Did you ever get an answer to this? I can only assume that the 3d integration is sketchy at best in ToonBoom, as I cannot even get ToonBoom to render out a series of frames when including the mayaBatchRender without crashing, and there doesn’t seem to be any answers or videos anywhere on anyone using the 3d integration with maya succesfully with ToonBoom. Would love to be proven wrong, but I think its one of those features to sell more copies of ToonBoom, but that don’t actually seem to work very well.