Using hex (hexadecimal) numbers to create/find colors

Hello! I am hoping one of you out there can help.

  1. Is it possible to add a color using a hex number to the palette or must one use RGB/HSV?

  2. In reverse, is it possible to find an existing color’s hex number within the composition?

I’m looking to do this within Harmony itself and I don’t see a field to input a hex number.

Thanks in advance y’all :slight_smile:

there is no hex value support in harmony, and its certainly a feature I hope they support in the future WINK WINK toonboom staff :slight_smile:

Agreed I use it a LOT since I work with coders who are always asking for or providing HEX values.

Was this feature ever added? As someone who suffers from colorblindness, this is the only easy way for me to get my colors sorted out easily.

I’m wondering this too!! It would make coloring in a vector coloring layer so much easier, since I wouldn’t need to jostle the color boxes to get just the right color for a character. I would just copy the code, paste it into the vector palette, and boom!


Mighty ne doable with a script I guess.
How would you imagine such a tool ?
Maybe I can help on that.


I’m a little bit disappointed to see this was suggested in 2015 and still hasn’t materialised (…digitised?)

Hex codes are a fast way to copy colours from one app to another, it’s a single copy and paste operation. I use photoshop colour model sheets and it takes unnecessary time to copy 3 values.


There has been a solution since a while: