Using Harmony with a 4k monitor

It seems Harmony doesn’t work very well while using a 4k monitor. Specially the on the timeline layer names that look cut in half so everything gets really confusing.
Also while using a cintiq as a second monitor, (while the other one is a 4k display and the cintiq is not) using the pen on the cintiq gets completelly messed up.
I wonder if there will be an update to fix it and optimise harmony to work with 4k displays (or even higher in the future).
Thank you!

Hi Davi,

Good to hear from you. We are looking into the 4K and high res display. :slight_smile:


Hi Marie-Eve! Good to hear from you too!

I’m very excited fot this new Harmony 14, it looks amazing! I watched the webinar and I loved it. I don’t think the harmony premium license I have that will expire this october is letting me use it though. The only one I can get is Harmony 12.

If you have some other oportunities for me to create content for the site or to work with the Toon Boom team in any way, like workshop, please let me know. You know how much I like to be envolved with Toon Boom in any way! (right now I’ve been using this process with the nodes I created to automaticly make a whole bunch of assets from my game twice the size, render it, and crop it in a batch to be exactly the size and file dimensios and into the correct folders, so the programer can create the hi rex version of our game for retina display devices. Maybe that would work well as a quick tutorial)