Using extra mouth shapes for lip sync

What is the best workflow for adding extra mouth shapes? I have my character talking and lip sync is working for ABCDEFGX, but there are quite a few long “L” sounds I’d like to have an extra drawing for that and add those in manually.

But if I scrub in the Sound editor, it only gives me the first 8 mouth shapes.

This is how I tackle that. If you’re just dealing with one pose, say a quarter view, make the L mouth as drawing 9 in your layer. After you set up your lip sync you simply go through your layer frame by frame and, when you get to the L sound, manually change the layer to drawing 9 (drawing substitution) either in the timeline view or the library view.

Thanks Mike, that’s what I ended up doing. I guess it’s the only way. And since I was working quite a bit in the sound editor manually updating frames there, then re-mapping to the mouth layer, it was nice knowing both layers were in sync. But that breaks once things are edited outside of that.
You know, I am now thinking since A and X are pretty close to each other, I could potentially just use X for the long L. And of course, manually fix all the X’s done by the lip-syn to A/Silent. Then at least I could keep my sound layer and mouth layer in sync just in case I found some other problem once I got started. I may try that next time.

The set of 8 that sync automatically usually aren’t enough for your whole mouth synching. Not just because of the L, but because you may need some different expressions too, like smiles or frowns. It’s a great guide but you shouldn’t be too concerned about keeping them in sync


I always do my lip synching manually. The basic poses I use are ABCDEFGL. The L is for the L pose and I don’t use an X since it is basically the same as A. If I need to do a set for a frowning mouth I name them with an X preceding the letter, like this: XA, XB, XC, etc. This way all the frowning mouth shapes appear next to each other in the library window.

The X’s, like any other letters, could be replaced by any letter of your choice, it’s just a guide line and in fact, the X should be the ‘rest’ pose.

The C is really closer to L. Take a long C and add it a tongue.

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