Using external script package variable does not work

i’m trying to create a Custom Toolbar in Harmony 20, so i tryed to set the TB_EXTERNAL_SCRIPT_PACKAGES_FOLDER in my windows environment variables so it points to a custom directory : C:\DEV\DEV_HARMONY\packages

I followed the step of this documentation
And put a test package in the path i mentionned (let say MyPackage), containing a configure.js file as the tutorial explains.
But nothing happens when Harmony launches.

I tested copying the package in my user folder : C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony Premium\2000-scripts\packages\MyPackage
And there it is working.

Are there specifications to respect using the TB_EXTERNAL_SCRIPT_PACKAGES_FOLDER variable?
Or is there another way to share custom toolbars?
My goal is to be able to install a shared toolbar for my artists.
I’m using Harmony Premium 20.0.2 16529 without WEBCC on Windows 10.

Thanks a lot
Best Regards

Hi @mchamekh , I am looking around for examples about deploying custom toolbars to artists. Have you managed to sort it out yourself ?


In order to make the beta packages available in Harmony try running the following script;

function useBetaPackageFunc(){

preferences.setBool("TB_SCRIPT_USE_BETA_PACKAGES", true);


Then restart Harmony.
After restart, the Toolbars menu will contain a “Custom Tools” entry.

But independently from if beta packages are enabled or not, any package you put into
…\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 20 Premium\Plugins\ScriptingInterfaces\resources\packages
will become available in Harmony after a relauch of the software.

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