Using Ease or Bezier Funtion on Glow


I’m using regular Toon Boom Animate and I’m looking to see if I can use either the Ease or Bezier function to change the radius of a glow on an object gradually rather than putting in a bunch of keyframes and changing the radius value for each.

I have an animation 10 frames long and a circle filled with white. I have a Glow effect assigned to the drawing layer of the circle. I open the layer properties dialogue box on the glow layer. I click on frame 1 then I click on the Add/remove keyframe and assign the value of 5 in the point box. I then go to frame 10 and add a keyframe and assign a value of 10 in the point box. I’ve tried a bunch of different things (everything except the correct thing obviously) to get the radius to change gradually and just can’t figure it out.

Is this possible to do?


That’s Great Lilly, thank you! That got me going in the right direction and it’s working now.

I hope you don’t mind I’m going to write the steps I took with incorporating your guidance to do this effect.

1. Draw your filled circle or what ever you want to glow.
2. Add your Glow effect and link the layer you drew your circle on by dragging it on to the Glow layer.
3. Click on the Show Data View icon. It’s the icon to the far right in the row just above the layer names.
4. Click on the + next to the Glow Layer.
5. In the Data view click on the Show Function Menu Icon (it looks like the letter S with a dot on the beginning and end of the letter.
6. Click on Create Bezier or Create Ease (you can do the Effect with either).
7. Double click on the word Radius just below the Glow layer name or click once then press Shift+e to open the Ease Editor.
8. Click on Frame 1(or the frame you want to have the effect start) or in the point box enter the value in for the Frame.
9. Click on the Add/Remove Keyframe icon (it looks like two staggered boxes on top of one another) it’s third from the left right above the Function Value Graph.
10. Click on the Stop-Motion Keyframe box and make sure it is not selected. This is an important step!
11. Add your Value in the box right below the Frame box(e.g. 10). This is the amount of glow you want.
12. Enter the number for the frame you want the effect to stop at in the Frame box and hit enter.
13. Click on the add/remove Keyframe.
14. Click on the Stop-Motion Keyframe box and make sure it is not selected. This is an important step!
15. Add a different value from the first (e.g. 20) in the Value box just below the Frame box.
16 click on the Reset View icon to better scale the Function Value graph. The Icon is second from the left just above the graph.
Now you can set the ease in and out values in the appropriate boxes or click on the small white boxes in the Function Values graph and mess around with the boxes that appear there.

It helps me solidify things in my aging brain if I write out the instructions and maybe it can help someone else.

I’m obviously new to these forums so If you need to edit, move or delete this post feel free.

Thanks again,

Yes, absolutely. Just click on the + sign on the effect layer, which will show where those functions are. Now if you use the Set Ease on the function, you’ll be able to set the ease, just like with any other type of function.


That’s great Jim, thanks for sharing! I’m sure this will help other users out.