using dropper on imported files

What is the usual way to pick colour from imported images(jpeg,png or any other) so I could fill my drawings(in Animate) with that exact colour? I have found that explanation in User Guide, but I couldn’t make it work that way…Is there some important step that I forgot?

well i just imported a tge
I used
create single layer named and choose premultiplied with white.

Thenwhen i had the colour swatch open if the image is visible i was able to select colours off it.

What is your exact issue?
How/what are you importing?

I have tried what you’ve described, but it don’t work for me…usually I import and vectorize and I see the picture, but can’t pick colour from it. Or when I try to pick colour from that picture, new colour apears in palette, with same picture inside ??? I believe it’s something shamefully simple, but maybe I’m missing some very important step

In order to colour pick off of an imported image, do not vectorise the image first. Just leave it as a bitmap image (no vectorisation) when you import.

Then, after you import, create a new colour pot in your colour view. Double-click on it to bring up the colour window. Now click on the eyedropper to activate the colour picker and then hover over the colour you want on your imported image. Click to select the colour.

Now you should have that colour on a new colour pot. Does that work for you?

If you do vectorise the image, what happens is it takes the whole image and it applies it as a texture pot - which is what you were seeing.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

Thank you both LillyV and Rider, it works. I was trying to use eyedropper from left toolbar, instead of colour window…I knew it must be easy…


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