using color override to get glow effect

I’ve got a character whose eyes should glow. All I was wondering if color override effect could be used in combination with glow effect to make the character’s eyes glow… i mean only eyes not the entire character. I read something like that in the user guide and tried to make it work but couldn’t.
If any can work this out PLZ help. otherwise I’ll have to animate it using other layer and I really dont wanna do it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If your eyes on a seperate layer you just need to glow that layer.

If they aren’t put them on a seperate layer is the easiest way.

Thanks Lily, u always reply!! :slight_smile:
I’m using Animate 2
plz upload the screenshot, it would be of gr8 help.
Thnx ;D

Thnx Lily :slight_smile:
U rock ;D

You can use the colour override for this as well. Are you using Animate or Animate Pro? You want to apply the Colour Override first. In its options, you should drag the colour(s) that you’re using on the eye into the bottom right-hand box under “Render Selected Colours Only”. Also make sure that you check this checkbox to activate the feature.

This filters out only those colours. Now if you attach your glow to this result, it will glow only these colours.

Hope this helps. I can also post a screenshot, just let me know if you’re using Animate or Animate Pro.


Okay so check out here the effect:

I cloned the original drawing layer to put it into the Colour Override effect, and then I put the Glow on both of those. Then I cloned the whole set to double-up on the effect.


Oooo, thanks! 8)