User interaction

Hi all -

Been searching through the help entries and have not found anything that could answer this - perhaps someone out there in TB land has tried it or has the answer…
I am looking to create a kind of stop action that will remain in a halted state until the user presses a button to continue - the animation would continue until a specific point where it would halt again… this scenario would perform this procedure around 10 times … in Flash MX they have actions one can imbed into the animation to do this - i would prefer to do this in TB as it might be easier to accomplish what I have in mind…

Thanks in advance… dan

Hi Dan:

TBS has no provision for user interaction or programming.

What I do for such things it use TBSI to import my Toon Boom Scenes into Flash, where I set up my loader screens etc.

TBSI is the Toon Boom Studio Importer, which, once installed, lets you import scenes from Toon Boom directly into Flash. You’ll want to import them to the stage.

I’ve found that maintaining comosition order but compressing frames works best for complex scenes.

Hi Rob -

Thanks for the info… I really didn’t think there was a way to do it in TB, but it didn’t hurt to ask… regarding this TBSI, I found the download and will give it a shot… any weird things I should be aware of that the documentation may not cover? For example is there one flash version that will take the import better than another?
Again, thanks for the info and your time… Dan

I can’t vouch for how well it works with all of the different Flash versions (6,7,and “eight”). But I’ve used the importer with version 7 (MX2004) on the Mac and it works great. It is a shame that there isn’t as flexible a way to import Flash stuff into TBS. The TBS importer gives you lots of flexibility and alternatives in what and how you get imported which is really useful. Personally it makes the most sense to do all the animation work possible in TBS first and get it just the way you want it and then move it to Flash to add any desired interactivity. They have good synergy when used in that kind of a workflow. -JK