User guide search bar (Harmony 17 advanced doc.)

There is no search bar in the Harmony 17 user guide when I am on a mac,
(browsing on both chrome and safari)
When i try it on my pc I can see it

can you add one for us who search on a mac? it would be perfect! Thanks!


We have just made a small change to our online documentation.
Try refreshing the browser now to see if the search tool comes back.

Now I can see the search bar in Chrome ! (thanks!)

But even if I delete the cache in Safari, it doesn’t work there… (the one I use preferably… :wink:

Same goes for Firefox (Mac OS X) the search field for Advanced and Essentials is missing, (It is present for Premium though).

We changed the tool used to make the documentation. If you have
the help from a previous version cached you may not have access to
the search but you can get it back by clearing the browser cache.

Alternately just use a different browser to view the documentation.

Safari, Chrome and Firefox are mentioned as not having it. Which Mac browser diplays the search field?

Apparently clearing the browser cache is not necessary, simply refreshing
the page should bring back the search bar.

Hmm has not worked.

working now! in multiple browsers! nice job, thank you!

confirmed, no search feature in ANY mac browser. cache dump and/or refresh does not resolve.

same in ipad.

Yes it works!! Thank you so much :slight_smile: