user guide pg 503-521 missing many graphics

Want to assign it to students

Perhaps it is something wrong with my viewer, but the graphics are missing when I download the user guide on a number of machines. On that note, when I just go to help from the top menu I get a 1 page pdf that i’ve never understood how to use. It just says toon boom help systems, but I can’t seem to access it.The only was I have accessed the user guide is by downloading it, and it downloads with missing graphics.

Are you talking about Animate or Animate Pro? I’d be happy to forward your comments to the documentation team. I just looked at the Animate User Guide and it looked like it had quite a lot of graphics, and was quite clear, so if you could let me know which section in particular is unclear I’ll pass your comments along.


If you’re on a Mac, and trying to view the PDF through Preview, it won’t show it because it’s an embedded PDF (many PDFs inside one PDF).

That one page that you can view should say that you need to download Adobe Reader 9 or above to view the document properly.