Useful additional software?

What specific additional software do people find useful for Toon Boom projects?

I have Corel Painter Essentials (came with wacom tablet) and PaintShop Pro 7 on my comp.
Would a good next purchase be Corel Painter IX or Illustrator?
Any other suggestions?

Also does anyone use a 3d program like Poser to have virtual models to pose and draw from.

i use a free gimp (
i’m also in for a project from drawn and scanned images and i intend to use a tapptoon linetester
it has limited resolution and is only for scanned drawings, and allows to insert a sound file into the animation. if it works, i’d think about purchasing a tapptoon animation studio, which costs 30 pound sterling
cheers and a happy new year.

I use a free 3D program, Anim8or ( on occassion to figure out layouts, staging, and other issues that would otherwise take me longer to get done using traditional methods. I’ve also used it to create animated 3d backgrounds for use in TBS. Many plugins are available for it to create terrain and other stuff.

I’ve also used Terragen ( to create landscaped backgrounds in 2D, but it will also create some 3d stuff and can animate a camera within it. pretty cool, and also free.