Use PNG files not PSD!

Hi, even though I have pretty well given up on Toonboon, I imported the PNG files I made in Photoshop (for use in Anime Studio Debut) and they worked great. The tutorial I purchased didn’t mention these, the manual mentions them once but not in context. Therefore . . .

If you’re trying to do photo animation use .PNG files exclusively! If I had known this it would have save a lot of misery on my part, I used PSD and JPEG files and had to do a lot of ‘pixel hunting’, once I found out what was wrong in these forums.

Speaking of forums, why is it up to users to sort out problems like this? It’s ironic that Toonboom spends alot of effort trying to get users to upgrade to more expensive versions, but almost no effort in creating a comprehensive and comprehensible training program.

If you want users to upgrade, fix the existing problems in the program itself, (I’ve yet to successfully import an adobe .AI file) and give them enough training to use the program without having to pay to download feeble tutorials or constantly go on the forums!!

Usually when a problem is not addressed by Toonboom, it’s because that problem cannot be reproduced consistently there. If you have specific problems and issues and you email tech support, they can usually identify whether the problem is related to their software, to your system configuration, or an external program or feature that you’re missing. The forums are an excellent resource, and should definitely be used first to see if they can help you solve your problem, but if in the end you believe you have found a bug with the program, then tech support would definitely want to be notified about it so that it can be fixed.

As for the tutorials, not enough people take full advantage of the Help file that is built in to Toon Boom Studio. When I was learning I read their help file from end to end, and at the end of doing that, I knew almost everything I needed to know about using the software. From there on out it was just experimenting with it to find out how I could use it to suit my needs.