Use of a Drawing Tablet Amplifies zoom to 80000

Hi! I recently got Storyboard pro for a class I’m taking and it seems whenever I use my CTH-470 Wacom tablet with the drawing feature it zooms into the point on the screen (without clicking or adding pressure to my pen) until it reaches the max zoom 80000. I reinstalled the tablet driver as well as uninstalling and reinstalling storyboard pro, but that didn’t seem to help. I also can’t click on some function buttons with my tablet pen (like zoom) but I can click on them with my mouse. i have a windows 10 pc if that helps. Any help is appreciated!!

Hello Elizabeth,

This sounds like you might be encountering a bug or some other issue that is setup dependent, so I ask that you reach out to and give them all of your setup details so that they can help troubleshoot this for you!