Use embedded pivots not working


I know this subject has been talked about before. I’ve tried all the suggested things and it’ still doing the same thing. I have a drawing of a head on a separate layer from the eyes, mouth and nose. Those drawings all have their pivots set where I want them. I used the Rotate pivot from the advanced animation tool bar to set them all. For example, with the head, when I click on a layer and hit the peg button the drawing pivot is still where I set it at the top of the neck then when I double click on the layer and in the Drawing tab select “Apply pivot on the parent Peg” the peg jumps to the center of the drawing grid instead of inheriting the pivot from the drawing layer. I’ve also tried the copy selected cells and paste special with the Update drawing pivot radio button selected and it does the same thing and moved the peg to the center of the drawing. I’ve tried a few different things to see if they had any effect. I’ve tried doing it all from the timeline view, I’ve tried it all from the network view and it always does the same thing of moving the peg for both the drawing and the Peg to the center of the drawing grid. I’ve also tried it on a new drawing as well as after I saved and re-opened this one.

I’m using Animate Pro 3.

From the video’s I’ve watched that are related to this it seems like something strange is going on here. Any additional suggestions?


I don’t really understand what you are having trouble with.

Why don’t you set the pivot of the head using its own pivot rather than the parent pivot?