Use Dropper to select color outside Animate

User Guide - Chapter 5: Adding colour mentioned that I can use dropper to select any color on my screen.

When I do I can see the color where the dropper is but can’t select it unless i am in Animate. Is there a trick that I miss? Please advice. Thank you.

Just to make sure that you’re doing this correctly. First you need to create a new colour pot that you want to put the colour in. Then you need to double-click the colour pot to bring up the colour window. Now you can click once on the eyedropper to select it, then click again anywhere on the screen to assign that colour to the colour pot.

Sometimes it happens that when you try to click outside Animate, it might select that thing instead of selecting its colour (this depends on your OS). If this is the case, then be aware that you can always import an image into Animate and colour pick off of it, then delete it when you have your colours set.

Toon Boom Support

Thank you Lilly. It doesn’t work for me. I use iMac w/ mac OS X version 10.5.8 So it could be my OS.
Instead, I will import an image into Animate. :slight_smile:

On the Mac you don’t see the dropper icon, but it still works correctly. Once you click on the dropper on the Colour Picker palette that pops up when you double click a color swatch in the Colour list, notice how the colored box next to the name of the color in the palette starts updating in real time. This works inside and outside of Animate, until you click a second time, at which time the new color has been registered.

I can’t get the dropper to work, either.

If I drag it over a color, say pink, then the little color box (the one that is updating constantly) flickers in all kinds of colors - except pink.

It doesn’t make any difference if I use it in or outside of Animate.

I’m on a MacPro, Mountain Lion - could that be the problem?