usb tablet pen

What are some good tablet pens to use with animate2?

I’ve used the Wacom Bamboo Fun and Intuos 4 Large and they both work pretty well. They aren’t exactly cheap but I recommend saving yourself $100 and just get the Intuos. Once you start using a tablet, you will desire a better one.

Wacom seems to be the most popular manufacturer when it comes to tablets. they have a range of products to fit variable budgets, so it depends on how much money you have put aside for this really. but in general, the ones you draw directly on, those are Wacom Cinitques, are better and save you time. then comes the ones you draw on but it shows on your monitor. and in both types, the larger the better. i would definitely choose a Wacom Bamboo pen large size over intuos small.

thanks guys.

what are my best options with a budget of $250?

what about this one:

I had an Intuos 3 (used it in Flash and Photoshop, didn’t have ToonBoom back then) and can only recommend it. You have to get used to tablets first, but then they really speed up your workflow. Pressure sensitivity, an eraser, a touch stripe for zooming and buttons where you can put keytstrokes on are a clear plus for the Wacom tablets.
In windows you have to fight with the driver sometimes but eventually everything works - and no name tablets have even worse problems and support.
The Intuos 3 feels not much different than the newest generation (Intuos 4), which I currently use with ToonBoom. The Intuos 4 pen nibs wear out eventually, because of a rougher tablet surface which is supposed to be paper like. You can customize the buttons of the newer tablet even more and give the touch wheel even more functions (like zooming, scrolling, navigating through frames) but this might not be interesting for you if you are quick with shortcuts already. Used Medium Intuos 4 models should be available for around 300 $, but Intuos 3 should also be fine!

get a wireless tablet if you can afford it… just my 2cents. good luck

…and HAVE FUN!

I always wondered what you need a wireless tablet for? I never missed a wireless function. I mean aren’t you sitting in front of your computer anyway.
How do you use it?

If you want to be sure that you have a tablet that works you have to stick with Wacoms as they are the supported ones. Other brands might work but they are not supported officially. I’ve heard of pen pressure not working for example on non-Wacom tablets. If you have one you can try it but I would not recommend buying a non-supported one without trying it with ToonBoom.