(URGENT) toonboom harmony 17 keeps crashing

I dont know what’s wrong. It never crashes when i use it in school but whenever i try working at home on my laptop it gies gray then crashes. I’ve been having this problem for months. I even got a new laptop and everything is new but when i tried working it just crashes. I really need help. I need it terribly for my exam.

Hello Angelu,

Can you provide us with more information about your home computer? Knowing the following would help us troubleshoot your issue:
Are you on a Mac or Windows? Also, which version? (As an example: Windows 10)
Computer Processor (CPU):
Graphics Processor (GPU):
Memory (RAM):

Also, have you made sure your GPU has the latest drivers? If not, please go through the update process for your graphics card and try again!

If that does not work and you still need emergency support, please do not hesitate to contact our amazing support team at support@toonboom.com!