urgent PROBLEM with timeline

Hello !
I’ve almost finished a vectorised animation done directly on toon boom. But now I’m experiencing a problem with the time line which is really annoying because I can’t select the frame i want anymore. When i click on the time line, it is only selecting one frame every 15 or so, as if there was a magnet on those frame. The thing is that I can’t go on with my animation anymore because of this weird problem, and I was wondering if it was maybe some function I activated by mistake or if it is only a BUG with no explanation… I hope someone can help me because this project is quite urgent and I’m loosing a lot of time
Thank you very much in advance !

I remember awhile back that there was a problem similar to what you are describing that was associated with checking the sync current frame option box on the function panel in the lower right hand corner near the bottom. So go to the Functions panel and be sure that option box is unchecked and hopefully that will resolve your issue. -JK

Hey thanks ! Actually the problem solved magically before I got your answer, this was quite confusing ??? I’ll keep in mind this function though, we never know…