Urgent Help please! Harmony Premium 15_issue with missing artwork.

Hello everyone,

I have a big problem, Im currently rigging a character and created all the artwork I need in Harmony Premium 15.
I saved it off and then saved another version of it.

File-> Save as new version

I renamed it to v2 (version 2) and started working on it some more. I deleted things here, edited things there. Saving. But I soon realized I needed some orginal artwork from V1.
I opened the previous version (v1) only to find artwork is now missing.

Not sure what happening, I thought saving a version would preserve the original.
Not sure if I hit the wrong button or something. Or if its just hidden or something.

I would greatly appreciate any and all help cause I don’t know what to do. I really hope I don’t have to redraw everything I created…

When you save as new version you’re saving a new *.xstage file inside the same scene folder, that is, that new version shares the folders where the elements/drawings are. That means that changes to drawings, even renaming them, will affect the drawings in all versions.

If you want to preserve a version and make a new one, you will have to save as instead. That way you will create a whole new scene folder which is a duplicate with all the assets from the original scene.

Thank you very much! Just had to redraw what I was missing and save as instead, It was annoying but now I know what happened.