Urgent! Harmony says I don't have active license

I recently had to reset my computer and reinstall toonboom harmony. When I tried to open it and select which license I was using, a pop-up opened saying I had no active licenses. This is untrue, because Harmony and storyboard are provided by my college and I’ve been using it for the past 6 months or so. I recently bought a different computer, and I’m still having this problem. When I open up my downloads on the toonboom website it says I have storyboard and harmony. I have 3 animations that are due in the next 5 weeks for class, one of which is due on April 30th. My professor has given me an extension, but I simply CANNOT wait any longer. I have tried calling support and have not gotten an answer, and can’t find any info on support services on the website. Someone please help!


Your license has been wiped out from you computer while resetting it.
Because you didn’t return it before, our license server still thinks it is being used.

Please contact support@toonboom.com .


I am having the same problem but my old computer is broken and I do not have access to offload anything. How do I get my school license on my new computer I have so much homework that needs to be due soon.

Try contacting desk@toonboom.com for license issues.