URGENT Can't use mi license since yesterday

URGENT. I can’t activate or either deactivate my license. me and a friend got these different messages:

""Unable to sign in to your Toon Boom account.
There was an error retrieving licenses from the license server.
internal server error (299) "

I saw it in an old post (2016) same message, and a ToonBomm team member saying that is a Technical issue from their server… I need Help to solve this.

The other message says:

“ERROR: flxActAppActivationSend - (50041, 41143,34)”

That looks like it is Internet issues but it is not. I have deactivated the firewall and all the other pages works fine. (I don’t use proxies)

I gave one day to see if it would be fixed but I can’t wait more


Same Issue! Any ideas/solution for this?


Hello all,

Our licensing portal is currently undergoing a few technical difficulties, likely because of some rather nasty weather we had here in the Montreal region the past 24 hours.

Please keep an eye on this forum thread, where we will be posting updates as we get them: