(URGENT) Cannot Import Video Files

Whenever I try to import my MOV into my animation, nothing happens. From the tutorial I watched, there is supposed to be a loading car and then your video is in a new layer. But no loading bar shows up for me and there are no new layers. My file remains completely unchanged after going file > import > movie > open.

I’m having the same issue.

Which version of Toon Boom Studio are you running?
What’s the version of the Operating System?
What’s the version of Quicktime?

I hate to be unhelpful, but I’m also having the word-for-word same problem, just with Harmony.
I’m using Harmony 15, Windows 10, and I don’t have Quicktime installed. I shouldn’t need Quicktime to open it in Harmony though, would I?

I figured out the problem. You have to install Quicktime for it to work. I’m on Windows 10 and needed Quicktime 7.6 because version 7.7 refused to install.

Did this issue ever get fixed? I’m having the same problem and have been looking for a solution for MONTHS! I see ALOT of people have had this issue but I never see any solutions except everyone says download quicktime to fix it. I have uninstalled and re installed quick time like 20 times and it makes NO difference! Is there NO solution to this problem?

Same problem, bumping this thread so TB support can help resolve

Yeah, I’ve had the same problem on Windows 10 with Harmony. I’ve managed to make it work by installing the latest QuickTime 7.7.9 (2016).


Give that a try and see if it helps.

Hey everyone,

I find a tricky solution but a solution lol.
You can export your video in png sequence then you do : File>import>Image(drag all png sequence) and ok
You’ll have a layer with your png sequence on a layer.

Hope it help you :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. Downloaded and installed quicktime and nothing happens.
Anyone knows how to fix this? My rotoscoping projects are now stopped.
Thank you!