Uploading to Youtube - lip syncing off

Hi, when I upgraded to version 5.0, one of the selling points I remember reading about was improved uploading to Youtube. How does one make sure their cartoon comes out the same on Youtube as it is in the Quicktime file they are uploading? The lip syncing of my Quicktime file is perfect, but up on Youtube, it is off quite a bit. Why is this, and how can I correct it? Is there a special process I should be following to upload on Youtube from version 5.0?



If you are using long mp3 files, you might want to try using wav files instead.

Also if the QuickTime export is Ok, you can try uploading it yourself by going to youtube.com.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply as always.

I am using MP3 files, but I try and keep them under 1min. This one is only 39 seconds long.

I already am uploading from Youtube. I am simply uploading my Quicktime movie after I log in to Youtube. Is there a way to export the cartoon directly from Toon Boom to Youtube? I cannot see that option.



In Toon Boom Studio 5.0 you can export directly to YouTube or FaceBook by choosing them in the Export Format of the Export dialog.

As for the sound problem you can try different options for sound and video encoding when exporting to QuickTime to see if there is a format that works better in your case.

Thanks. I think I found out what the problem is. It has to do with the error message stating there is an index at the end of the file and Youtube prefers it being at the start of the file.

I’ll try one of the other export options.




I have tried the direct to Youtube export and it is a bit better in parts, but I have noticed that Youtube still seems to delete certain frames. Sometimes this is not a problem, but at other times it does ruin the timing and overall look.

What is the best way to ensure your video looks as smooth on Youtube as it does in Quicktime? When I send them to Quicktime they look perfect. I remember reading somewhere on here a couple of years ago about “setting all frames to key frames”. What is this option, and does it make a difference? Sorry, I am away from home now and cannot check Toon Boom. Is this an option in Toon Boom, or is this an option in Youtube? I could not see it in Youtube when I last checked.

Thanks for all the help.



The option to set all frames to Key frames is an option for the QuickTime video compression. It will reduce the compression but it also might help with the sound sync.