Uploading to you tube

Hi all. I had a major disapointment today. After working on my cartoon for 6.5 months I uploaded it to you tube. I was looking forward to telling you all to check it out. But alas, I viewed it and it seemed to have a frame rate of about 1 frame every 3 seconds. I didn’t work that hard to put that hashed up mess out there. So I deleted before any more than the 7 unfortunate souls that viewed it could view it.

So heres were we stand. You tube recomends Mpeg4 video format, 640x480 resolution, Mp3 audio format and 30 fps. What I have is 500x375 @24fps. I don’t think I can change that. I got into the export movie screen and under standard video compression settings I have: Frame rate- Current, key frames- all, data rate - restrict to 6400 kbits/sec, optimized for download, and compressor quality - medium. These are the settings I’m trying now, not the ones that made the mess described earlier.
Under sound settings I have: compressor-none (I coudn’t find an mp3 option), rate-44.1 kHz, size 16 bit, use mono.
Honestly I don’t really know what this stuff means. I mean I have a vague notion what it means, but I wouldn’t know if for instance the default keyframe every 24 frames would be better than all key frames. I just chose all key frames because of my choppy experience described earler. But I don’t know if thats any better or any worse.
My home computer times out or something while uploading so I have to upload at work. This limits the empirical trials to one or two a day. If anyone could recomend settings that will work I will be most grateful. Thanks.

I went through the exact same thing. It was very distressing, as every failed upload made me look like a dork with my “animation” not really animating, and I quickly took them back down. I finally figured it out. I saved a screen shot of the export settings which I will check when I get home tonight and post for you. It was a huge relief getting it uploaded properly, and has now been viewed about 120 times in just a few weeks. --Jeff

I export to quicktime using H.264 compression, then run it through ITunes (import, convert for Ipod) to reduce size.

Looking forward to seeing what others (fathersonjeff) are doing to see what I can learn.

I have no idea what I’m doing in that realm either…

Thanks Rob and Jeff for your input. I am currently exporting in h.264 like Rob recomended, and then try downloading for i-pod. And I am looking forward to Jeffs screen shot of the export settings, so I can try that one later. Including my latest valient (futile?) attempt I should have 3 versions to try at work tomorrow. Oh, by the way, I checked out Edge of Destruction and Postcards From A Hangover, and liked them both very much. If I have any luck uploading, you will see that you two are better artists than I am. Thanks again.

FYI, my default export file size is 63mb (3:00 in length). That failed on YouTube even though it plays perfectly on my Quicktime and they accept up to 100mb upload. They must be doing some weird compression that deals with animation differently that live action, though I can’t imagine how or why. It played 3:00, sounded great, but only advanced the motion every 30 seconds or so.

Re-exporting out of Quicktime (with defaults) as opposed to fresh out of ToonBoom did no good. Export to .AVI looks terrible so I did not try uploading that.

I tweaked the export to the ‘animation settings’, key frame all, etc. and none of that worked.

YouTube suggested a preference for MPEG4, so I used that compression. No go.

Finally, when I saved the file as .mp4 instead of MPEG4 compression it worked. File size was 8mb. The quality is a bit blurry, and I probably could have experimented further to maximize the quality and still have it run properly on YouTube, but I was happy enough to leave it at that, since most YouTube content is poor anyway.

So the final was:

OPTIMIZED FOR: Download, Letterbox
KEYFRAME: Every, 24 frames

Audio I did not deviate from default, which was:
AAC-LC Music, Stereo, 128 kbps, 44.100 kHz
Streaming: None

Let us know if successful.

I should clarify my last post. All that tinkering, and the final export, are the settings in my Quicktime Pro 7.4. They are all re-exports of the original master ToonBoom generated .mov file. It may not have been the smartest way to achieve it, but it worked. If I could get the same result direct out of ToonBoom, I would be happy to know that myself. --Jeff

Hey all, the settings I used in my first question worked, albeit a little blurrily. I tried Robs approach, but I got stuck on convert for i-pod (I couldn’t find it). Jeffs looks a lot like what I did except I chose all keyframes. And somebody else had a link to an article (that post has since disapeared), that upon light perusal appears to answer some of the mysterys of you tube and quicktime. That link is http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/you_tube_redux_gary.htmlI plan on reading that article carefully at some point. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the info. I’ll give that a go next time. BTW what are the URL’s to your videos, I want to see them?

I got pretty good results (see http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=uMP8oJGFwSA) with a 500 x 375 frame size. I exported with no compression to AVI, which created a 400Mb file. I then imported into Windows Movie Maker, and exported that movie at DVD quality. That created a 7Mb file, with surprisingly little loss in quality - Sorry if you’re a Mac user.

Of course the YouTube upload then knocked a bit more quality off but I was happy enough with the results.

My first upload (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mm7L8RLMh20) I wasn’t so happy with, but I can’t remember how I managed to upload that one.


i recently uploaded my toonboom clip on youtube…



what i did is:

export to .mov

and then i imported the .mov into VEGAS pro 8

you have the movie and the song seperated!

you can manupilate the .wav or .mp3 and export again in VEGAS
to .mov

and then i uploaded the .mov to youtube…

by the way i use the demoversion af vegas pro

Hello all, I would like to share my little creation I made using Flip Boom a while ago. I still have to get to grips with Toon Boom 4 yet, work has been taking away my motivation to create a cool project, anyway, here it is:


I did not have any particular trouble uploading the video, I suppose because I had already edited it using Vegas to add the music and SFX. Hope you guys like it.

( hey Framkie68, nice animation. pretty elaborate! ;D)