Now, I know this has probably been answered several times but I will ask anways. I am currently on TBS v3.5 and want to upgrade to 4.0, will the files I have created in v3.5 work in 4.0? I want to upgrade because of the preloader. With the preloader, the places I can showcase my pieces triples at least.


You can open V3.0 or V3.5 projects in V4.0 no problem but when you go to save them you will have to save them as V4.0 projects which will then not be able to be opened in the earlier versions. So files are upward compatible but not downward compatible. You can also open V3.5 libraries in V 4.0 and use templates from them but you can’t save templates into them with out converting the library to V4.0 which then won’t work with earlier versions. So basically if you are only working in V4.0 and miraging from V3.5 up to V4.0 it works just fine but not in the other direction. -JK

Out of curiosity, where will you be posting your animations that a preloader is required? I can think of Newgrounds, but that’s about it.