upgrading to windows 7

Im upgrading to windows 7 on my pc that is runing vista. will toon boom work without geting a new key. if not how do you get a new key and is the new key free

Before you upgrade, make sure you return the key to the server. Use the License Wizard under License Tools. Return the license to the server and you can then upgrade. Beware that a lot of other software demands the same thing: Adobe, etc. You can switch among many machines and upgrades as long as you return the license before asking to have it again.

There is some tech stuff from Toon Boom online about this, too.


I made the upgrade without doing this and all of my licenses were just fine. While installing you have two choices, upgrade or custom mode. Upgrade just kinda swaps out the OS, while custom gives you a clean slate (I think).

So, you should be fine upgrading from Vista, but I wish I had known about this “returning the license” before hand. I’d rather be safe than sorry.


The good news is you would simply have to email tech support at Toon Boom to get your license repaired, which should not be a big deal.

A lot of software companies are probably going to see this issue. Adobe comes to mind immediately.

Now that you mention it, I think I did trash my Microsoft Office license activation in the upgrade. Dang! I have to figure out how to fix that now…