Upgrading Studio to Solo

I’m planning on buying Studio, mainly to get familar with the program and then upgrade to Solo later this year. The (maybe stupid) question is, will I still be able to keep whatever I done in Studio and transfer the work into Solo.

Here’s the deal:

Solo and Studio are two different softwares. The files they create are different, and Studio will not open in Solo.


If you do something in Studio and you want to use it in Solo, you can export from Studio as .swf, then import the .swf into Solo. I’ve only done this with basic file setup, not actual animation, so I’m not sure how that would go.

One limitation to this system relates to the fact that Solo has the capability to put your ink (outlines) on one layer and your color (paint) on another. This is hand for pencil testing etc. If you import .swf, however, it flattens it all on the line art layer.

In some respects Solo looks like it should be a no-brainer once you’ve nailed Studio, but the pegs systems even work differently in some respects. One big difference is in the Network View, where you see and manipulate connections between all the modules in your animation. These modules relate to your drawings, but also to the effects, the pegs, etc.

Sounds confusing, but the end result is more control over your work. I think the paint brush operates a little differently–it’s somehow stickier. Hard to explain.

I still use Studio for some things and I’m glad I have both.

Humm, that’s interesting. I was hoping they would work a bit easier together. I’ve noticed people who use only Studio also use After Effects and Flash, where Solo users don’t .