Upgrading / New Computer

I currently have TBS 3.5 on a G4 Mac, but am getting a new Intel Mac. I have purchased the TBS 4 upgrade.

From what I gather, it sounds like I can just install TBS 4 on the Intel Mac, enter my TBS 4 serial number, and be off and running?

I mean, I don’t have to install TBS 3.5 first on the Intel Mac before I can upgrade to 4, right?

Using TBS 4.0 / iMac G5 Intel / OSX 10.40.10

That’s right, you don’t need 3.5 to install 4.0 (it’s a complete independent install).
(you might consider transferring your Library first before deleting 3.5)



The only thing in my library folder is “Global.tbc.” Is that something I should move over or not?

I really haven’t used TBS 3.5 very much, so I doubt I have much of anything (except for project files) that I need to worry about.

With the new computer, I’ll be able to have all my applications on a single computer, instead of spread across three, which I’m sure will make it easier to get things done!

Then you don’t have to move the “Global.tbc” from 3.5 to 4.0,
just install 4.0 on your new Intel Mac and your are set up with everything.