Upgrading from Toon Boom 10

I have used Toonboom ever since the days of Studio and Digital Pro, and a few years back purchased Harmony Stand Alone. I was trying to discover the cost of an upgrade to Harmony 12 or 14, however the website informed me that I was not authorised to use this function, even though I am a member?

Hm, this is strange.

The Toon Boom pricing page seems to have changed very recently. Some days ago you could get the price for an update from a former version of Harmony even without being connected.

But, you can follow this direct link and you’ll get the information you need. It would also work if you weren’t a member:


Hi Peter,

I think you are using Harmony 10.1 and I believe you can upgrade from 10.3.
I will ask our Sales team to contact you so they can help you out on that front.
There are several different possibilities.