upgrading from TBS5 to Animate 2

If I upgrade to Animate 2, will I still be able to use TBS5? Animate has some features that I’d like to use but only TBS5 has stop-motion and the text tool*. I’m bummed about losing the text tool, but others have given some good work-arounds. Stop-motion, though, is a must-have for me right now.

* assuming that these weren’t added to A2. I haven’t seen a feature list, so let me know if I’m wrong.

here’s some of the new features in Animate2


and more detailed

thanks, those are helpful links

Animate 2 has the text tool - so that solves one of your problems!

Regarding Stop Motion, do you mean stop-motion keyframes? Or are you referring to something else? Because Animate has the ability to do stop-motion keyframes.

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Stop-motion animation using a connected camera.

Good to hear about the text tool. Didn’t see it on the upgrade features page from the prior link.

So, with the upgrade license, would I still be able to use TBS5?

Regarding stop-motion animation, this is not a feature of Animate. There is no camera capture capability, although we do now have the ability to use a Twain interface. You can always, of course, import a series of images.

With the upgrade you should indeed still be able to use Studio.

The only thing to keep in mind is if you choose to upgrade from Studio to Animate, then you can no longer upgrade from that Studio version again. For example, if you have TBS 5, and you upgrade to Animate, you’ve used up your upgrade for TBS 5, so if in the future a TBS 6 comes out, you would not be eligible to uprade from TBS 5 to TBS 6.

I hope that clears up any confusion.

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Will there ever be a way to open TBS 5 files in Animate?

That is not something that is planned at the moment.

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