Upgrading from pre-3.5 to current Studio 4

When upgrading from V3 Express to the full version of Studio 4, does one have to purchase and upgrade to Studio 4 Express to obtain the hybrid key or can I just upgrade straight to Studio 4 (full version) from V3 Express?
I have both a Mac and and PC and understand that the hybrid key became available in V 3.5. In other words, will I get a new product key while upgrading from a pre-V 3.5 version to the current full version Studio 4?
I know…I know…you can only run one version on one computer at a time…gheeesh…hehehe.

Alright ya boogers…don’t make me angry. Tuesday or bust. Don’t make me have to call Canada hehehe. All joking aside, will I recieve a hybrid key if I upgrade to the full version of Studio 4 from a pre- 3.5 version? Danke. Kurt.

Ok, you do get a new product key (hybrid) when upgrading from a pre-3.5 version to the Studio 4 version. Found out for myself so neener neener neener to you all hahhahahaha. Good luck to everybody in your creations!!! I know I’m gonna have fun.